Beverley Vaughn

Public Speaker in New Haven, Connecticut

Beverley Vaughn

Public Speaker in New Haven, Connecticut

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About Beverley Vaughn

Discover how you can turn every challenge into your best advantage with my help. I am a Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and CEO of Awakening Initiatives, LLC in New Haven, Connecticut. Having more than 20 years of experience in the industry has taught me to become an effective negotiator, and I can definitely share this and other career-advancing skills with you. I can also help you in branding your product, gaining selling influence, and improving your communications skills.

As an Executive Coach, I often share my own personal experiences to help you overcome whatever challenges you are facing. Whether you are an individual who needs guidance in finding your calling in life, or you are running an institution that helps rehabilitate the lives of your fellow man, I am here to bring you closer to your goals.

Get in touch with me today to further discuss how you can benefit from my expertise. I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

My StoryFor 33 years, I worked with AT&T™, America's leading telecommunications company. Before retiring in January 2014, I also served as an account manager to numerous Fortune Global 500™ companies including:

Travelers™ | Credit Suisse™ | Anthem™ Blue Cross | Bayer™ Pharmaceutical

Career ShiftIn addition to a decorated corporate career, I also have a rich 20-year history of serving in faith-based community groups. I founded At His Feet Ministry, and was a board member at Beulah Heights Social Integration Program. It is an institution that helps the homeless and assists those who have been recently released from incarceration to re-enter society. I have been trained by my celebrity coach Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn who was trained by Marshawn Evans Daniels.

All the World's a StageThroughout the years, I have been given the privilege to speak at different international events, conferences, and meetings. These experiences taught me to relate to audiences of all cultures and creeds. Some of the countries I've been to are:

Uganda Africa | Thailand | Philippines | China | Vietnam | Cambodia | Myanmar | The Caribbean

Diverse Audience

My experiences and knowledge, combined with my sense of humor and vibrant personality, help me to easily captivate my audiences. I have been requested as a keynote speaker for conferences and events of different organizations including:

Corporations - Colleges - Universities - Churches - Social